Her Wave

The Her Wave Mission

Her Wave is a platform that offers access, experience, progression and leadership opportunities. It is a community for every woman and girl of all ages and ability in NSW.


Her Wave works to build a more inclusive and joyful female surf culture in NSW.    

Her Wave Tiers
Get Her Onboard – Empowering Her To surf
Her Community – Empowering Connection Through surfing
Progress Her – Empowering Women To Progress
Lead Her- Empowering Women To Lead
Celebrate Her – Empowering and Celebrating Women In Surfing

Partner with Her Wave

Brands have the opportunity to partner with Her Wave and assist Surfing NSW in inspiring and encouraging women in our community. These opportunities include programs, events, and experiences that nurture female participation in the sport of surfing. Managed by the surfing NSW partnership team, there are multiple packages available to partner with Her Wave to meet your brand’s objectives. We’d love to connect with you and discuss these opportunities further, please reach out via the contact below:

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