Her Wave

Mission: Her Wave 

Her Wave works to build a more joyful & inclusive women’s surf culture in NSW by increasing access to surfing, connecting community, providing experiences and enhancing the presence of women in surfing by growing women’s leadership in the sport.

Provide Access

Her Wave breaks down barriers of participation and strives to target untapped markets where demographic, psychological or cultural barriers exist.
We encourage  all females of all abilities & ages to jump on board and give surfing a go by creating access to tailored female learn to surf programs and related events that focus on inclusive, fun and safe learning environments.

The Her Wave “Ger Her On Board” program builds female confidence, cultivates friendship, promotes wellness &  provides pathways for long term involvement in the sport.


Connect Community


Her Wave aims to connect the dots & introduce female surfers to local established women’s surfing groups to create a friendly, supportive network for female recreational surfers. We will also be working with our surf school, coaching & boardrider club network to deliver initiatives.

Create Experiences

Her Wave has created “Her Experiences” who work with local surf schools & the local community to create unforgettable moments for both recreational and beginner surfers. These experiences immerse females in opportunities that focus on surfing and wellbeing. They get women together in a fun, safe environment to adventure, enjoy the ocean & connect with like minded individuals.

Empower Leaders

We aim to enhance the presence of girls and women in leadership & officiating roles by providing opportunities to develop skills & support females in surfing through Lead Her.

Celebrate success

Celebrate Heraims to create channels to tell stories and create experiences that acknowledge & celebrate the role of women in and out of the water. Specifically, celebrating elite athletes in pushing boundaries, breaking down barriers & overall paving the way for the next generation of female surfers. “Celebrate Her” also zones in on those avid surfers who have used surfing as a tool for making change in their own lives, communities, and the world at large, inspiring more women to participate in the sport

Delivery Arms & locations

Our team work with our 47 Surf Schools & coaches up and down NSW coastline to facilitate the Her Wave program and help subsidise associated costs to help raise the number of local women getting involved.

Participation Costs


Surfing NSW is a not for profit organisation & Her Wave activities are dependant on availability of grant funding or sponsorship to stage. User paid methods are available for confirmed groups.


Our Partners

Bikini Adventures

Bikini Adventures is the ultimate destination for sustainable surf wear, carefully curated from a selection of boutique brands that practice sustainability, champion women’s surfing, and create products that are practical, durable, and flattering. The sustainability of their sourced products helps feed the soul as you know you’re investing in a product that is helping the environment. By curating a range of sustainable and functional bikinis, one pieces and surf suits in one place, Bikini Adventures is empowering women to easily find stylish and functional surf wear, fuelling your next surfing adventure with comfort and confidence.




Cronulla Surfing Academy

Cronulla Surfing Academy is stoked to be offering Woman’s Programs for both beginners and intermediate surfers on Friday or Saturday mornings thanks to Her Wave

Their highly trained coaches will be in the water teaching the basics of surfings and building your ocean knowledge helping you to become a confident and independent surfer.

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Broulee Surf School

Broulee Surf school has partnered with Her Wave to offer discounted surf clinics for the ladies of the far south coast . If you are aged between 30 and 60 years and would like to learn the basics of surfing, meet other like-minded ladies and increase your confidence in and out of the water, click here and book into one of our dates!

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Manly Surf School

Manly Surf School is stoked to be offering Woman’s Programs for both beginners and intermediates at Long Reef every Friday or Saturday mornings. Our highly trained coaches will be videoing and photographing from the beach, with a breakdown analysis on every manoeuvre at the end of the lesson. Surfers Gym are also throwing in a full month of unlimited gym classes to ensure that your surfing and fitness keep progressing. Classes are aimed specifically at surf movement, strength and cardio. Sign up now – Exclusive discount code for 15% off at Bikini Adventures sustainable surf wear 

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and got out of the lesson last Saturday. Running in to get advice after every couple of waves was so beneficial to my learning style.Your expertise and enthusiasm sent me home on a real high and lots to work on.Very much looking forward to the next lesson.

Greta Francis- Manly Surf School

Firstly, Thank you so much for today! I’m feeling very grateful to be able to do the sessions and learn from you guys. Currently on a HIGH  Definitely interested in the gym 

Karin- Anne- Manly Surf School

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