Surf Schools

Surfing Australia in conjunction with our State Associations recognise club surfing as the grassroots of Australian surfing.

The Surfing Australia Surf School system

Surfing Australia in conjunction with our State Associations have worked together to ensure our Surf School network has the highest level of quality in delivery standards. In doing this we have been able to create the largest network of Surf Schools across Australia. Thousands of people start their lifelong surfing journey at one of our many Surf Schools Across the country.

With the support from SportAUS we are committed to continue our work with the State Associations, Surf Schools to ensure that the sport of surfing continues to go from strength to strength and maintains its status as a truly iconic Australian pastime.

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Why Affiliate?

Our Surf School network is our ability to reach out and create happier and healthier Australians through Surfing. Your success is Surfing in Australia’s success and we aim to deliver a framework that focuses our attention on areas that have greatest impact.

The benefits of being a member of the Surfing Australia Surf School Network include:

  • Access to and Support from State Associations and Surfing Australia.
  • Access to high quality programs such as SurfGroms, including customer support services.
  • Access to the federal government’s Sporting Schools Program.
  • Insurance
  • Industry connectivity and professional development
  • Use of known and trusted brand and logo including customer quality assurance measures.
  • Access to coach training and development support.
  • Access to Surfing Australia Surf School Portal, containing important documentation, templates and industry support tools.

For more information on affiliation packages, please contact your State Surfing Association or click here

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