Junior High Performance

Surfing NSW Junior High Performance Program

December 2021 - April 2022

From December 2021, Surfing NSW will roll out its new NSW Junior High Performance Program.

This program – which is supported by NSWIS and Surfing Australia – will provide NSW’s top junior male and female surfers with the pathway and resources to reach their full potential as surfers and as people.

The team is selected based on their results at the NSW State Titles (U18, U16 and U14, top eight men and top six women) and Woolworths Surfer Groms Series (U12, top seven men and top five women), utilising the Surfing NSW ranking system.

The program will consist of two state camps with one three-day camp taking place at the Surfing Australia High-Performance Centre and a one-day camp taking place at URBN Surf in Melbourne. All participants will be provided with filming and imagery from all camps.

2020 Junior High-Performance Program participant and northern beaches surfer Saxon Reber stated: “I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend the JHPP and the benefits I got out of it were terrific in the development of not only my surfing ability but also my confidence; all thanks to the amazing staff and program.”

The 2021 / 2022 program includes team training camps, digital team catch-ups, guest speakers, wildcard allocations, Lean Performance Gym subscription, an exclusive team uniform and money-can’t-buy opportunities.

The program aligns with the Surfing Australia High-Performance talent pathway with the overarching goal of developing NSW’s top junior and grommet surfers to become the best surfers and people they can be.

The program will run from December 2021 until April 2022 and is supported by Mambo, Blackroll, Musashi, Lean Performance Gym, and Ocean and Earth

The below outlines an overview of benefits for the program:

Monthly digital (zoom) team-catch ups with special guests
Focused sessions on judges’ insights with judging experts
Invitation to exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ announcements, events and networking opportunities

Brand and Promotion
A guide to digital and social media
Featured and promoted across multiple Surfing NSW digital platforms
Access to our Creative Kids surf photography and video course
Creation of your own personal profile

Wellbeing and Self-Management
Athlete management including balancing school commitments
Health & nutrition seminars and information
Mental health awareness and information
Sports psychology resources and tools

Performance Progression
Support towards daily performance environment
Strength & conditioning plans supported by Lean Performance
Talent pathway development and guidance through Surfing Australia

Competitions and Camps
Two team state camps
Three-day Surfing Australia High-Performance Centre
One-day URBN Surf Camp
Provision of surf photography and videography at camps
Competition mindset and strategy development