Junior High Performance

2023 Surfing NSW Junior High Performance Program

From August 2023, Surfing NSW will roll out its NSW Junior High-Performance program.

This program will provide NSW’s top junior male and female surfers with the pathway and resources to reach their full potential as surfers and as people.

The program consists of approximately 50 athletes across the U12’s – U18’s Division and is selected based on the results at the NSW Junior & Grommet State Titles, with the U14-U18’s also qualifying to represent NSW at the Australian Junior Surfing Titles.

This program which is supported by NSWIS and Surfing Australia, developed by Nathan Webster, Tom Dickson and Ryan Haworth in memory of John Shimooka ‘Shmoo’  aims to provide opportunities for individuals to grow their skills and attitudes within the High Performance Pathway’s.

Athletes part of Team NSW will have access to state camps utilizing some of the top coaches from NSW, video footage, photography, exclusive team NSW uniform and invaluable experiences focused on progression and development of each individual

2023 Team NSW and JHPP Qualification Process

 As per the Surfing Australia rulebook, Qualifications are as follows:

  • U18 & U16 Boys: 1st – 8th from the Junior State Titles.

  • U18 & U16 Girls : 1st – 8th from Junior State Titles.

  • U14 Boys & U14 Girls: 1st – 8th from Grommet State Titles.

  • U12’s Boys & Girls:  Will be ‘considered’ for selection based on ability, State Ranking and State Titles result

We will consider additional surfers in the Junior High Performance program based on program capacity and previous surfing results/ performances (Taking injuries, etc into account)

Note: These are not selections into the Australian Junior Titles. 



If you have qualified for the 2023 Surfing NSW Junior High Performance Program CLICK HERE to secure your position.

About the 2022 Program

Junior High Performance Program

The program implemented aspects of Performance Progression, Strength and Conditioning, Talent Pathway Development, Health and Nutrition, Mental Health Awareness, Sports Psychology resources and tools. 

  • ,Camp One: Ingenia Holiday Parks, Merry Beach on the South Coast
  • Camp Two:  Surfing Australia High-Performance Centre, Casuarina 
  • Team Session: Training Session at North Stradbroke Island 

The Program incorporated key themes to progress each indiviudal, these included; Heat Readiness, Adaptability and Instinct. 

Coaches and expertise utilized throughout 2022 include: 

  • Micheal Crisp                                                 –  Nick Squires
  • Dean Jamieson                                             –  Nathan Hedge 
  • Philippa Anderson                                       –  Talina Wilson 
  • Nick James                                                    – Matt Hoar
  • Wayne Hudson                                             –  Paul Johnson 
  • Samba Mann                                                 – Andy Morris 
  • Michael O’Rafferty                                       – Kerry O’Brien 

Team Zoom  Sessions
The program utilized the expertise and experience of Sally Fitzgibbon, Molly Picklum, Dylan Moffat, Ben Hainsworth, Jackson Baker and Bede Durbridge  to discuss key topics such as adaptability, psychology, performance, heat readiness and preparation within competive surfing.

Team NSW
Camp one: South Coast
Australian Titles


Kobi Clements
2020 & 2021 Participant

“Participating in the JHPP for the past 2 years has been awesome. The program covers many aspects, and this has helped me sharpen my skills as a surfer, competitor and athlete.”

Murray Bamberry
2022 Participant

“The training/theory session have had such a positive effect on my surfing utilising the ‘adaptive mindset’. I’m now able to thrive in non ideal conditions.

Keira Buckpitt
2020, 21 & 22 Participant

“The last 3 years has helped me grow in all aspects of my surfing. The zoom sessions helped competitive surfing mindset, on the camps I was able practice the things I learnt. I’m so grateful to have been apart of such an awesome program.

Milla Brown
2021 & 2022 Participant

“Being able to participate in the JHPP over the years has been epic! I’ve learnt so many things to help my surfing as a competitor and an athlete. The training and theory sessions have helped me thrive in all conditions.”

Past Participants

2020 Participants
Lennox Chell
Jarvis Earle
Jordan Liackman
Kobi Clements
Mikey Clayton-Brown
Touma Cameron
Grayson Hinrichs
Lily Macdonald
Cedar Leigh-Jones
Carly Shanahan
Nyxie Ryan
Charli Hurst
Harley Walters
Winter Vincent
Xavier Bryce
Riley Munro
Mateus Bersot
Lennix Smith
Rosie Smart
Holly Wishart
Keira Buckpitt
Quincy Symonds
Zahlia Short
Sol Gruendling
Max Mcgillivray
Samuel Lowe
Kash Brown
Fletcher Kelleher
Keenan Crisp
Koby Jackson
Juniper Harper
Ocea Curtis
Bodhi Simon
Shyla Short
Ruby Trew

2021 Participants
Kobi Clements
Xavier Bryce
Winter Vincent
Kyan Falvey
Jay Pink
Koda Killorn
Ariel Hutchinson
Joshua Levey
Oceanna Rogers
Keira Buckpitt
Lucy Brown
Gabi Spake
Holly Wishart
Bonnie Hills
Hugh Vaughan
Sol Gruendling
Samuel Lowe
Manning Gregory
Baxter Hurt
Mannix Squiers
Harry O’Brien
Jaya Wardana
Milla Brown
Jess Ikin
Juniper Harper
Natalie Fensom
Lilah Pearce
Leila Salt
Kash Brown
Max Mcgillivray
Rene Galloway
Ben Zanatta
Will Martin
Jackson Woolnough
Angus Messiter
Phoenix Visscher
Ruby Trew
Ocea Curtis
Grace Gosby
Ava Arghyros
Isabel Higgs
Alice Hodgson
Jaggar Phillips
Locana Cullen
Omar Moltzen
Banjo Harvey
Harry Blanchfield
Rio Luther Barr
Jax Goode
Lucy Darragh
Talia Tebb
Lani Cairncross
Gidget Kowalski
Olivia Shannon


2022 Participants
Dom Thomas
Oliver Ryssenbeek
Lucy Brown
Jada Thomas
Keira Buckpitt
Imojen Enfield
Felix Byrnes
Sol Gruendling
Dayan Conti
Fred Carmody
Lex O’Connor
Milla Brown
Kyla Renes
Ruby trew
Sydney Chevalier
Chex Dempsey
Taj Air
Balin Cullen
Murray Bamberry
Lachlan Arghyros
Ben Zanatta
Lucy Darragh
Annalise Wong
Halo Banfield
Lani Cairncross
Alice Hodgson
Gracie Ball
Locana Cullen
Jaggar Phillips
Luca Martin
Max Crowley
Sandon Vowels
Tommy Hainsworth
Talia Tebb
Malia Watson
Olive Morriss
Zara Hall