Condolences to BodyBoarding State Champ Mauricio ‘MOZ’ Abrunhosa

Published on 04/07/2023

Surfing NSW today mourns the loss of State Bodyboarding Champion Mauricio ‘MOZ’ Abrunhosa who tragically passed away on the weekend.

Our thoughts are with Moz’s family, friends and the tight-knit bodyboard community, in particular the Sydney Bodyboard Club.

Just last week, the community came together to celebrate and contest the sport at the State Championships in Newcastle where Moz, a talented athlete, claimed his third title (Open Champion 2018, Over 45’s 2021 and Over 45’s 2023) as well as scored five to the top 10 scores for the event.

Originating from Brazil, Moz (48) had a deep love for the sport that spanned his whole life. He got on a board for the first time at nine.

He said last week after his win, “The sport of bodyboarding is everything to me. It’s my lifestyle and it’s my reason to live. It’s given me a chance to live a healthy lifestyle, I’ve made lifelong friends and I’ve visited countries and places that would not have been possible otherwise.”

Moz came to Australia 21 years ago and he admitted the participating in the sport here gave him a sense of belonging and made him feel part of the community.

“The sport gives me such a natural high, it’s so much fun,” said Moz.

Thank you for bringing so much to the Australian bodyboard community Moz. RIP. 

Photos by Bosko

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