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All Girls Surfriders: Celebrating 30 Years and How They’re Empowering a Community

Published on 28/07/2022

“The best surfer is the one having the most fun!”

This year the All Girls Surfirders Club from Lennox Head will be celebrating their 30th year as a club! It has come a long way since Lennox legends and founders Kellie O’Brien, Keryn Noach and Max Perrott got together to start the club in 1992 with the hope of seeing more women in the water. Over time, the All Girls Surfriders Club has seen up to 120 members come on board to experience the inclusive atmosphere and good vibes. 

We were lucky enough to experience this first hand at the recent Her Wave event. It felt like all of Lennox was there at the beach that day. 

“I believe this club has definitely helped surfing as a whole, particularly the participation of women in the sport,” Club co-president and member of 18 years, Berenice Roberts said.

The club started with a girls “come try surfing” day, which consisted of females (longboard and shortboard) of all ages and abilities. The day generated a huge amount of interest in the sport and from there, the club found its feet. They’ve run a number of epic surfing pathway events including a Come Try Surfing day and the infamous All Girls Showdown, and continue to inspire the north coast community. 

The biggest boost to their membership came with the release of the Blue Crush movie in the ‘90s. 

“It just inspired women everywhere, and the impact was felt within our club, it was great.” said Roberts.

Something different the club does to boost membership and inclusion is inviting adults to join their seniors beginner division. 

“It’s a safe and encouraging environment, everyone loves it, it’s full of support even as an adult,” Roberts continued.

1993 World Surfing Champion Pauline Menczer has had a great impact on the Lennox Community. 

“Over time, All Girls Surfriders Club has become such a supportive place for women to come and surf. Friendships have been made and a shared love for surfing has developed through the kids. Beginners through to life members such as Pauline, WSL surfers like Codie Klein, Steph Single, Jenny Boggis all have had a place within our club and have inspired generations of girls and women in the water,” Roberts shared.

Despite the club’s philosophy being about having fun, they also support the progression and development of their surfers. Roberts says the groms to keep an eye on are young Mia Barker who has been “surfing amazingly” and Lili Beadham. 

All Girls Surfriders will be celebrating its 30th year with a number of activities this year. Jump on and follow them to get involved. 

Interview by Hunter Roberts

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