URBNSURF Sydney Exciting Update
Published on 05/10/2023

Sydney’s two hectare URBNSURF park, now just six months from opening to the public at Olympic Park, was showcased to the nation’s media today by CEO Damon Tudor, Surfing NSW’s Executive Chair John O’Neill and former Tour Surfer and Coach Luke Egan. 

“Our mission is to build a better community for surfing,”said John O’Neill. “And there’s no better way to build a community through surfing than having something like this in the western suburbs – from a diversity and inclusion point of view.

“Suddenly it’s going to be opening up surfing as a sport as a lifestyle to a whole new audience – but also surfers in the eastern beaches are frothing about the opportunity to get out here.”

Mr Tudor said Urbnsurf has launched the sale of 12 month foundation memberships which will give surfers the opportunity to be the first to experience the park. 

He also announced the park is now recruiting and has some 150 jobs available – “everything from surf guides to lifeguards, medical staff, technicians to customer experience staff,” he said.

Luke Egan, who has just coached American surfer Caroline Marks to her first world championship, said the facility would help drive even higher performances from NSW’s professional surfers by providing them with an opportunity to repeatedly practice manoeuvres on near identical waves.

“It’s just as high performance as some of the best waves in the world,” said Mr Egan. “It’s super exciting for not just professionals, but even just watching how quickly people learn to surf in this facility.”

We can’t wait for URBNSURF Sydney to open in Autumn 2024 and be the first to dive in, sign up to URBNSURF foundation membership to get your access!

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