Jarvis Earle nominated for Athlete of the Year 2023

Published on 15/11/2023

Jarvis Earle: Nominated for Young Athlete of the Year 2023

At just 19 years old, NSW athlete Jarvis Earle from Cronulla has recently achieved a significant milestone in his promising surfing career—he’s been nominated for NSW Young Athlete of the Year 2023. Coming from a family of surfers and having grown up near the beach, Jarvis has made a mark in the world of competitive surfing. We had a chat to Jarvis to dive into his journey, his achievements, and what keeps him at the top of his game.

The Nomination:

Jarvis Earle is no stranger to success, but the nomination for Young Athlete of the Year for 2023 is a special acknowledgment. In a recent interview, Jarvis expressed his excitement, stating, “Yeah, it feels really good as a surfer to be recognized as a nominee for young athlete of the year across all sports. I’m pretty stoked. I’m looking forward to the awards night!”

The Journey to Junior World Surfing Champion:

Jarvis’s journey to becoming the Junior World Surfing Champion is marked by a stellar competitive run in 2022. This success provided him with the opportunity to compete in the WSL World Juniors earlier this year, where he emerged victorious. Reflecting on this achievement, Jarvis notes, “I ended up having a really good event and taking it out, which was probably the highlight of my surfing career so far!”

Staying Fit for Success:

Given the physical demands of surfing, Jarvis emphasizes the importance of maintaining peak fitness for competitions. Whether at home or on the road, he incorporates a rigorous training routine, including home gym workouts, cardio, mobility exercises, and recovery practices like ice baths and saunas. Jarvis’s commitment to staying in top condition ensures that he can tackle the challenges of the waves and remain at his competitive best. “I love training,” said Jarvis.

Inspiration and Role Models:

Growing up surrounded by surfers in Cronulla, Jarvis was naturally drawn to the sport. His father introduced him to surfing, but it was his older brother who became his primary inspiration. Living in an area with many talented surfers, Jarvis found motivation in the journeys of athletes like Connor O’Leary and Occy, watching them progress from Elouera Boardriders to the World Tour.

Advice for Aspiring Surfers:

For young surfers dreaming of following in his footsteps, Jarvis offers valuable advice. He emphasizes the importance of enjoying the sport and not expecting instant results. According to Jarvis, dedication and time in the water are crucial for improvement. “Just enjoy yourself and don’t get frustrated when competing!” he advises. “Keep it fun!”

Upcoming Awards Night:

The culmination of Jarvis’s nomination will be at the Awards Night on November 20th, 2023. The event promises to be a celebration of sporting excellence, with Jarvis standing as a testament to the talent and dedication found in the world of surfing.

Jarvis Earle’s journey from a young surfer in Cronulla to a nominee for NSW Young Athlete of the Year 2023 is an inspiring tale of passion, hard work, and perseverance. As he eagerly awaits the awards night, the surfing community and fans alike wish Jarvis the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Photos by Ethan Smith

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