Sick pits and airs confirmed for this year’s NSW Bodyboard State Titles

Published on 10/02/2023

Surfing NSW is stoked to announce the 2023 NSW Bodyboard State Titles returning to Newcastle from 24th June – 25th June. 

Our state’s best and most committed Bodyboarders will take their leap into the ocean for a newly scheduled two-day event. Offering ample time to showcase their air roll spins, tube rides and flips. 
This event will offer divisions spanning from under 14s to over 45s, where each competitor will battle it out for their spot in the national titles at the 2023 Australian Surf Championships.

Entry will open 10th February at 5pm, with the event’s primary locations being Nobbys, Newcastle, Dixon Park, Bar and Merewether Beach.

Surfing NSW recently spoke to former Open Dropknee Champion Dilan Carestia about this year’s event and what he is expecting to see. 

2023 will be the third consecutive year of the Bodyboard State Titles being held up at Newy. what makes this area so good for the comp?

I think there are a few reasons why. The two key reasons are the access to great waves, particularly when the event can be moved around the area depending on where the swell will be. Secondly, there is such a strong bodyboard club presence in the area. The club has a great deal of support from local businesses and some of the industry’s biggest names that also call Newy home which is a testament to the passion you feel when you’re around the local club,

You’ve had some really strong results at Aussies and State Titles, who are you most looking forward to watching compete this year?

Each year there’s a fresh batch of super-groms that show up and blow up, that’s always great to see. The last few years we had some great young local Newy groms dip their fins into the water for their first State Titles, and we have a couple of talented frothers from here in Maroubra that I am really looking forward to watching. So to answer your question, I’m keen to see everyone! 

With NSW taking out the Aussies Titles last year with such a mix of younger and older competitors what do you bring this success down to?

Yep, we’ve had a lot of success looking back at the past few years. I think the NSW team enjoy hanging out together, a lot of the males and females catch up through the year for different events and little strike missions to score waves, so there’s just a good camaraderie. 

Of all the males and females I know that have been on the team the past few years, I think they’re just doing it for the right reasons, having fun, and that shows when they slip into a comp rashie and rip. You also can’t look past the fact that because NSW has such a long coast, it has a huge number of clubs and great support at a state level, too.

Now time for the tough question. Who do you think will take out this year’s event?

*Dilan chuckles to himself* I know it sounds weird, but I hope not me! I only say that because we have some of the best dropknee riders on the planet here in NSW, and while a decade ago a lot of those guys took a break and only threw on a rashie for the annual DK Sessions event, it has been great to see a lot of the best come back to shake things up. So yeah, I’m hoping some of those guys do come back and put on a good show, I’ll get the popcorn ready.The competition will commence each day at 7:30am with the call for the day’s schedule and location confirmed via the event hotline at 6:45am. The event hotline is 0458 247 212.

Divisions for the event include Under 14s, Under 16s, Under 18s, Open Men, Open Women, Open Dropknee, Over 35s and Over 45s

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