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Let's do business at the beach.

Surfing NSW is proud to work with a panel of upwards of fifty plus partners per year from government agencies, major national corporate brands, local councils and small businesses. We tailor packages to suit a brand’s needs and budget, no matter how big or small. Our partnership packages span every touchpoint and pillar of our organisation including our events, community programs, high-performance program, as well as content creation and agency work.

Some of our most successful partnerships to date include our six-year long partnership with global brand Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, world-class surf brand Vissla and Sisstrevolution and national fresh Mexican food provider, Mad Mex. We are also proud to highlight our long standing relationships in representing government agencies such as Destination NSW and local councils when operating in both regional and metropolitan regions to service the sport of Surfing for the community of New South Wales.

Our team pride ourselves on the high standard of quality and service provided for every partnership. Each partnership we deliver holds the common goal of ensuring we are offering the best value to the sport of surfing and its participants in Australia. We are privileged to be in the unique position we are in that we can tailor packages to connect brands with any demographic in the market, in an authentic way. Surfing NSW are always able to find an effective and engaging solution to meet the marketing KPIs of any brand.

For more information on the organisation of Surf NSW, please see here


Check out our annual calendar of events here to see the upwards of 60+ events our team deliver to the community throughout the year, breaking down demographics targeted and areas of operation to identify the events that may best suit your brands needs.


Surfing NSW are proud to deliver government supported community programs servicing the unique demands of our community and striving to give back where we can.

Currently, Surfing NSW have two active key community programs, including Surfers Rescue 24/7 and DPI shark management courses, delivering free board technique and CPR that provides crucial training to assist in an emergency situation and could save a life.

As well as our award winning female surfing program Her Wave which has seen phenomenal results driving female participation in the sport of Surfing.


As Surfing is currently recognised as an Olympic sport, Surfing NSW has established a Junior High-Performance Program with the assistance of the NSW Institute of Sport. This program offers a clear pathway and solidifies the progression of Surfing talent in NSW that will develop and encourage the next generation of Olympic athletes.

Our carefully curated program services our junior athletes ensuring they have the tools and support to succeed in the sport as professional athletes. These programs include training and assistance with physical development, mental health, nutrition, sportsmanship behaviour and more.


Independent of the operational pillars of our organisation that service the sport of Surfing throughout New South Wales, our media and marketing team also work in a creative agency capacity to tell the story of our partnering brands and their support of the sport in an authentic and engaging way. Employing a team of professionals, Surfing NSW also delivers full digital marketing campaigns to facilitate every stage of the process from concept, to capture, to strategic distribution. For a brand this allows them the opportunity to connect directly with a unique audience in an engaging and authentic way that truly resonates and ensures return on investment.

Please see below examples of previous work completed for our valued partners:

Mad Mex |
Connor O’Leary

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles |
Surfing NSW Community

Mad Mex |
Pro Surf Series event partnership

Gage Roads | 
Pro Surf Series event partnership

Surfing NSW are always on the lookout for new partners and brands to work with as we continue to give back to the participants of our sport and connect brands directly with their target demographics.

For more information and to discuss these opportunities further, please forward all enquiries to or call our reception on (02) 9093 6035