Surfing NSW – New Chair and Deputy Chair (July 2024)

Surfing NSW today announced the election of Ben Rolleston as its new Chair, and Lyndel Gray as Deputy Chair. This follows the resignation of John O’Neill and Harry Hodge from the Board of Directors after almost 15 years of esteemed service.

There’s a new boardriders club in town and it’s one that’s changing lives and helping more people feel the incredible power surfing and being in the ocean has.

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On 4th June, Australian Irukandji Para Surfing representative Em Dieters (pictured below) and a group of her good mates including World Champion Sam Bloom, together with Mona Vale Boardriders Club, held the first ever Northern Beaches Para Surfer Boardriders Club (NBPSB) round at Mona Vale Beach. 

Para Surfing, also known as Adaptive Surfing, is a rapidly growing sport that provides individuals with physical disabilities the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding a wave. 

NBPSB Inc is envisioned as a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting & supporting para surfing activities. 

It wasn’t just a club round of surfing, the whole community came together and it was a festival feeling. The full day event included the MVB club round, a celebrity para surfing exhibition heat, gourmet lunch with a spit and pancakes and live music. 

“Conditions were tough. Windy, sometimes rainy, sloppy surf conditions. But it was decided that 4 June had to be the day and everyone involved just took it on the chin with a tonne of enthusiasm,” said Dieters. 

“The MVB crew were groms small and big and surfed it as best as they could, to support the first official round that NBPSB crew were so excited about.”

“The Pro’s who came and showed absolute professionalism and tried their hardest to give us an explosive expression session,” she said. 

Dieters said her favourite part was seeing everyone step up and support each other. 

“I love that we are leading the way, the first stand-alone and active Para Surfer Boardriders Club. Every region needs a club like ours. I’m proud that we’re already kicking goals and I’m excited to see where it all leads.”

The club is already set up for a bright future with member sign-ups already doubling within the first two months. 

“The future looks exciting. So many important players are getting behind this movement. I could not be more stoked,” Dieters said over-joyed.

“We are creating a pathway for competitive Para Surfing in a very exciting time for the sport. So ready to blow this up BIG!”

Northern Beaches Para Surfer Boardriders Inc aims to provide a platform dedicated for para surfers to engage and mentor others in the sport of surfing. Through its services and activities, the club aims to empower para surfers and create a positive impact on their lives by fostering a sense of community and to promote inclusivity by raising awareness in the wider community. This will then facilitate skill development and competitive opportunities for the para surfers. 

The club is holding an epic raffle at the moment.

Mark Windon
OAM Executive Director

Felicity Conlan
Board Member

Francis Coady
Board Member

David Gyngell

Mike Baird

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