Anne Dos-Santos takes on Club Med!

Published on 18/10/2023

Club Med Holidays are a truely hassle-free experience, with premium all-inclusive packages and a wide range of innovative services – giving guests more time to spend doing what they love.

We sent QS surfer, Team NSW athlete, HerWave ambassador, and overall legend Anne Dos-Santos to Club Med Kani – an all inclusive Maldives resort that is as close to paradise as you can get.

Hear what Anne has to say about her experiemce with Club Med!

Can you tell us about your experience at Club Med and what activities you enjoyed the most during your stay?

I had such a great time in Club Med! I love staying active and trying new things when I am on holidays. I was so surprised when I arrived and there were so many activities included, I tried to do a little of everything. One of my favorites was the trapezium which was a first for me, my mum also loved that one! She got to push her limits and the instructors were super nice and supportive. I also enjoyed the snorkeling and afternoon volleyball sessions! 

I loved the surfing of course, I had a few epic days at Sultans and then took my mum to surf Ninjas (the wave in front of the resort) which was more user friendly and less crowded! 

How did Club Med meet your expectations for this trip? What were you expecting?

I was really surprised with how many activities they had. They said it was all inclusive but I expected only a handful of activities. When I arrived and downloaded the Club Med app to check the daily schedule I found that there was something to do most hours of the day. I loved that. The staff were also really friendly and the variety of food was great. I am vegetarian and when I told them they were able to tell me which foods I could have in the buffet and always offered to bring out more options for me. 

What sets Club Med apart from other holiday accommodations or destinations you’ve been to as a surfer and traveler? Why Club Med?

It’s cool how Club Med had a mixture of fun & relaxation. I have stayed in resorts in the Maldives where it’s expensive to try different activities so you end up relaxing more, which is alright but having the option of choosing between both is better! 

I would choose to go to Club Med again because I had an amazing experience. It was a perfect holiday with my mum! We got to relax, eat well and keep our bodies active. A perfect balance to reset the body and mind.


What was a memorable moment with the amazing staff members at Club Med? 

The white night was amazing! I had no idea the depths they {Club Med Staff} would go to make such a good night. Everyone was dressed in white for dinner and after we went to a white dance party by the beach. It started raining but no one cared, we were having so much fun that we all just kept dancing in the rain. 

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